This work was made for Who told you so?! #2, Truth vs. Organisation, in Onomatopee's 2012 research project year-programme featuring four group shows. "A project wherein Onomatopee unleashes various designers and critics to highlight specific fields of ambiguity as stories of social cohesion: on the level of government, social organisation, scene and family. On these stages, we are challenged by texts and images to approach the narrations of our identity and stories of our cohesion. In four group shows that function as chapters Onomatopee attempts to take an in-depth look into the story and the narration: our individual play with sources of information and the desire for social cohesion."

Seeing is Believing, a black & white silent double screen slide projection, takes as its starting point the photograph by Pete Souza of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton watching the killing of Osama bin Laden with members of the US National Security team and brings together re-worked visual material and textual extracts and quotations. Through a process of association, interpretation and digital manipulation this work of art reminds us through reference of our troubled relationships with conflict, ideology, power and truth.

The work is a development from War as Ever!, where, through visual reflection on images of war and violence we investigated the relationship between the historical Van Kittensteyn album and the contemporary role of the media in the representation of war and violence.

Who told you so?! #2, Truth vs. Organisation


Onomatopee, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 2012

Black & white silent double screen slide projection

180 x 350 cm, duration 10:00

Double screen slide projection, taking as starting point Pete Souza's 2012 photo of Obama and Clinton watching the killing of bin Laden

Part of WHO TOLD YOU SO?! ♯2, Truth vs Organisation