PERFECT TIMING and other stories

The conviction that making art is about process more than product, about building social and intellectual capital and opening up new sites of inquiry underpins our belief in art as a social political agent.

Perfect Timing coincided with the celebration of our 15 years of collaborative practice. Seizing the moment and the opportunity offered by Performing Worlds, we took the time to look back over the period. In publicly unpacking our archive we explored our shared creative history, revealing traces of research and investigation while opening up the practice to a broad range of audiences. Key aspects and issues informed conversations - collaboration, the relationship between art practice, research and education, creating new connections between different platforms, co-locating the public and the private, the changing role of art, cultural recycling – evolving around ongoing interests in loss, conflict, the construction of ideologies and identities.

Running counter to the norm of the artists’ work as matter contextualised by historians, critics and theoreticians, in this case our own insights into the extensive range and impact of our own activities and projects lead to a work that developed in situ. Combined with visual documentation of the presentation of our projects in a range of sites over the period, our voices and renewed visual framing shared observations, reflections and encounters.

We continue this reflection on our artistic past and the things that fall between the cracks on the Unpacking Our Archive blog.

Hannah Maclure Centre, University of Abertay, Dundee, 2012

Part of D-Air’s Performing Worlds; a public art, performance and education event

Publicly unpacking our archive after 15 years of collaborative practice