Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln, 11 Jan - 05 February 2016

A commissioned wall work, made in association with the exhibition Micromegas at Lincoln



This new work filled the 13m long wall of the glass fronted space that connects the exterior campus with the interior gallery Project Space Plus at Lincoln University.

Thinking about the flow of students, staff and visitors around the outside of the building and between departments via the interior link corridor, we used the size and transparency of the site to play with themes inherent in Voltaire’s 1752 science fiction story Micromégas such as scale, human foible, scientific superstitions, science as ruse, science as spectacle, anti-utopias, human essence, and the formation of ideas.

The larger context of the site being within an art school that sits within a university added an element of provocation to the quote selected from Theo Cuffe’s 1994 translation of Voltaire’s original text (London: Penguin, 1994), ‘Because,’ replied the scholar, ‘one should always cite what one understands least in the language one least understands.’

The wall work brought an additional layer of meaning to the durational Micromegas exhibition and publication project that could be seen in the adjacent gallery. During our public lecture ‘Hundred Thousand Lunatics’ at The Collection museum for art and archaeology in Lincolnshire we traced the links between conflict, history, social engagement and process in our work, through the Micromegas project.