Highland institute for Contemporary Art (HICA), Dalcrombie, Loch Ruthven

24 September- 30 October 2011 and

Centrespace, Visual Research Centre, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, 14 – 27 November 2011

In two parts to date: an exhibition, and a temporary public hybrid space for exhibition, production, education and research. A mobile, durational project investigating relationships between death, memory and material culture



Part of The Museum of Loss and Renewal, a partnership with The Highland Hospice, the slide projection No Neutral Representations is a work in progress, a series of notebook pages with associated printed postcard images. The notebook was developed as a conversation piece between us, exploring the ideas and considerations in The Museum of Loss and Renewal. Spanning both of The Museum's presentations, Loss becomes Object and Object Becomes Subject, it functioned as a way of discussing thoughts and areas of investigation through image-word combinations.

As artists who collaborate, we communicate with each other daily through the visual, the verbal and the textual. This work created space in which to convey meaning to each other, in the project's exploratory stages, through strategies that are on the whole not accessed by, or are unavailable to those working solely with text; writers and speakers. This playful exploration contrasts what is seen (the seeable) and what is said (the sayable). It highlights aspects of signification, of visualisation, and of those junctions and spatial intersections where seeing and saying meet. Intentional ambiguity, associative processes, interpretation, the poetic and ekphrasis (the recreation in words of works of art) are all terms that we toyed with, while the evolving pages offer a growing series of construed meanings that are opened out to wider audiences at the moments of presentation.

A publication documenting the first two parts of The Museum of Loss and Renewal, designed in collaboration with Stout/Kramer, will be published in Autumn 2013.

HICA’s publication Exhibitions 2011 contains an essay on Loss becomes Object by Duncan McLaren.

In June we will present a paper on the interrelationships of the visual, text and storytelling in our art practice, focusing on a number of projects that draw on archive images, literary works and poetry. The presentation will be accompanied by the gift to conference participants of a limited edition printed artwork.

Writing into Art, Strathclyde University and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, 18th and 19th June 2013.

The Museum of Loss and Renewal: Loss Becomes Object

The Museum of Loss and Renewal: Object becomes Subject

Supported by Creative Scotland, The Henry Moore Foundation, The Carnegie Trust for The Universities of Scotland and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design Research, University of Dundee.