‘Double Vision’, Impact8 International Printmaking conference and Print Festival Scotland, Dundee, 2013

Galerie Commune, Université Lille 3, Tourcoing, France, 2014

MIC FEST, Université Sciences Po Lille, Lille, France, 2014

Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln, 2016

MICROMEGAS > POWERS OF 10: 58°57′53″ N - 3°17′45″ W, The Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney, 2014

Curated mobile exhibitions with associated publications


Micromegas > Powers of 10

New work was commissioned in response to Voltaire’s Micromégas text of 1752, a seminal work in the genre of science fiction. The first edition of this ongoing publishing project and mobile exhibition brings together posters by Pavel Büchler, Dora Garcia, Jonathan Monk, Scott Myles, Thomson & Craighead, Marco Stout, Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen and a text by Mark Dorrian ‘In the abyss of the infinitesimally small’. Key ideas offered to the artists, designer and writer were scale, human foible, scientific superstitions, science as ruse, science as spectacle, anti-utopias, human essence, and the formation of ideas.

The large-scale posters employ the full range of print media in Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA) Print Studio. The posters form a component of the exhibitions, and when folded, each is an element of the publication. The exhibitions, publication and an academic paper investigate notions of portability, reproduction, distribution and presentation in contemporary

art practice and curation with reference to Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte en Valise. Number Two in Duchamp’s series is held in Scotland, in the National Galleries of Scotland collection. The project also explores issues central to our art practice; recycling, appropriation, reproduction, re-presentation and artist-led curatorial practice. It references Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design's unique Artists’ Books Collection Dundee (abcDundee) to highlight contemporary issues within transmediation and ekphrasis. Each component of the project contributes to an exploration of the innovative possibilities of visual publishing.

Published by Dundee Contemporary Arts, this partnership included hosting the Transmedia Culture event, part of Book Week Scotland 2012. The project was introduced through a public exploration of the main ideas by Dr James Stewart, Poet and Writer; Clive Gillman, Director, DCA; Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen; and the event’s participants.

The associated academic paper, ‘Republished Matter: a philosophical story translated through time, medium and space’ was presented by us during Impact8 International Printmaking conference (Borders and Crossings: the Artist as Explorer; Aug-Sept 2013) and is published in the Impact8 publication (2014).

For The Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Orkney in 2014 we curated MICROMEGAS > POWERS OF 10: 58°57′53″N - 3°17′45″W. This exhibition brought the first edition of Micromegas together with the work of two Orkney-based art publishers, Brae Editions and Hansel Cooperative Press.

The second edition, MICROMEGAS: VAGABOND FLUX, was published in 2015.

Posters, 2013

Digital print on archive paper

1189 x 841 mm (A0)

Dora Garcia, Palindromes

Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, Hundred Thousand Lunatics

Pavel Büchler, Je m'en étais bien douté

Marco Stout, Micromegas

Jonathan Monk, Intergalactic Spiral Fall

Scott Myles, Olympia &

Thomson & Craighead, Voyager